Is one piece eco toilet better? Where is the price difference?

Is one piece eco toilet better? Where is the price difference?

November 21, 2020

Yesterday, I visited Xia Mandu a little bit, mainly to look at the toilet. The basic one is more than one thousand dollars more expensive than the split one. The shopping guide will recommend one piece eco toilet, which is beautiful and a five-level whirlwind. I strongly recommend that I buy one.

I don’t think the split is so ugly. The main reason is that a colleague’s house just renovated and bought one piece eco toilet some time ago. When moving upstairs, the worker accidentally broke the water tank. There is no way, the whole toilet can only be used. Replace it again. Long-term consideration should also be given to whether it is necessary to purchase one.

So I want to ask everyone, in addition to the aesthetics, is one piece eco toilet really better than a split toilet?

one piece eco toilet
Advantages of one piece eco toilet

Generally, the toilet should be wiped clean with toilet paper after use to facilitate the next use, but the one piece eco toilet solves this problem very well. The one piece eco toilet has a unique washing function that can replace toilet paper, and it is both The function of bacteria and disinfection. The drying function of one piece eco toilet can promote blood circulation in the body and play a health care role. When using the toilet in winter, there will be a feeling that the skin connected to the toilet ring feels abnormally cold. The humanization of one piece eco toilet is reflected in this detail. It can adjust the temperature of the toilet ring to reach the human body according to each person's different body temperature. Close temperature. At the same time, in the hot summer environment, the toilet seat will make people experience a refreshing feeling. The toilet lid of one piece eco toilet is different from the general toilet lid. The smart toilet lid is made of stainless steel and is equipped with an automatic sprinkler, which plays a role of automatic cleaning. The more and more humanized transformation of one piece eco toilet makes it almost perfect. The most troublesome thing about ordinary toilets now is the peculiar smell, but the toilet cover can effectively get out the peculiar smell and keep the toilet air fresh at any time.

Which is better

1. One-piece toilets are easy to install, have low noise, and are longer than split toilets, but they are more expensive.

2. The split toilet is troublesome to install, the price is relatively cheap, the water tank is easy to break, but it is not easy to block. The split-type toilet is also called the straight-discharge type. It has a high impulse, but it is also noisy, but it is not easy to block. Toilet paper can be put directly into the toilet. There is no need to set up a wastebasket next to the toilet.

3. If it is a family with elderly and very young children, it is best not to use a split toilet, because it is very easy to affect their lives, especially if they go to the toilet in the middle of the night, it will affect their sleep. So in this case, it is best to choose a one-piece toilet.