How to choose a good bathroom shower faucets?

How to choose a good bathroom shower faucets?

August 31, 2020

          When decorating the bathroom, it is necessary to install bathroom shower faucets, but many people have various problems and troubles in their daily bathing. That is because the chosen bathroom shower faucets are not suitable. The following is a brief description of how to purchase suitable bathroom shower faucets.

           1. How to buy bathroom shower faucets?

           1. The spray effect of the shower
           The shape of the shower head looks very similar on the surface, so when purchasing, pay attention to its spray effect. A good shower head can ensure that each small nozzle hole sprays uniformly and consistently. The water pressure can also ensure a smooth and dripping shower effect, so you can test the water to see if its jet flow is uniform when choosing.
           2. Spraying method of shower head
           The internal design of each shower is different, so when choosing a hand shower, in addition to looking at its spray color effect, you should also pay attention to the spray method of the hand shower, such as lasing and massage. Generally, a variety of spray methods can bring ideal shower comfort. The hand-held shower can choose the appropriate spray mode according to the mood: natural and pleasant rain, energetic massage, comfortable and warm spray, invigorating and soft water jet, and water-saving dripping. According to the mood, "bath" as you like.

           3. Surface coating
           The quality of the shower coating not only affects the quality and service life, but also affects the usual sanitary cleaning. The surface of the shower is generally chrome-plated, and a good coating can be maintained at a high temperature of 150°C for 1 hour, and there is no blistering, no wrinkling, no cracking and peeling; 24 hours of acetic acid salt spray detection, no corrosion So pay attention to its gloss and smoothness when choosing, because if the shower is bright and smooth, the coating is even, so the quality of the shower will be better.
            4. The shower has the function of saving water and purifying water
            The purpose of showering is to clean dirt, but the current tap water contains harmful chemicals such as residual chlorine, and there is secondary pollution during the transportation process, so it is not as clean as it looks. Buying a healthy shower head is very important to the health of your family. A good shower can remove residual chlorine, suspended pollutants, heavy metal ions, organic micro-pollutants and inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms in the water. Filtration, pressurization, low-carbon water saving, antibacterial, massage, etc., deeply care for the health of you and your family from all directions!
            5. Spool of shower head
             The valve core can affect the experience and service life of the shower. A good shower uses a ceramic valve core to make it smooth and frictionless. Therefore, you can twist the switch to experience the hand feel when selecting, because the hand feel is comfortable and smooth to ensure that the product can maintain smooth and reliable performance during use.