How to choose bathroom shower faucets?

How to choose bathroom shower faucets?

January 15, 2021

After the main hard decoration of the home improvement is over, the hardware needs to be purchased and installed, and there are many hardware parts in the bathroom that need to be installed. The shower bathroom shower faucets are very important bath hardware accessories, which will directly affect the bathing experience. Which brand of bathroom shower faucets is better? What are the tips for purchasing bathroom shower faucets?

1. Material

Previously, the most used material for bathroom shower faucets was brass, because it is durable and has anti-oxidation characteristics, but contains harmful metal-lead, but in the 21st century, health and environmental protection have gradually become new themes of modern life. Various lead-free materials have entered the market. Many manufacturers’ coatings are crystal coatings, which have undergone at least 8 hours of acid salt spray test, which is higher than the international 24-hour test time. It also has unique coating technology, which is bathroom shower faucets The surface provides an invisible barrier, which can be cleaned with a single wipe.

2. Spool

The stainless steel valve core is a kind of bathroom shower faucets valve core with high technological content at present, but if the stainless steel material is not enough, it will easily rust and cause pollution to the water quality. The copper valve core is the heaviest and more expensive valve core. It also requires high quality of copper, otherwise it is easy to accumulate scale. Ceramic valve core is the best valve core, which has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, good sealing, long service life and high temperature resistance, and is widely used by many high-quality products. The original imported valve core is used. Under normal use, the valve core can be opened and closed for 1 million times without dripping. The high-hardness ceramic material is more wear-resistant.

3. Unique innovation

Of course, if there are unique craftsmanship, or the shape and other extra points, that would be better. Choose innovative material craftsmanship, use PVD coating, provide more than ten kinds of rich color options, more embossed color and streamer The Crystal Rhyme series brings the unique charm of the combination of Chinese and Western and restores the beauty of water flow with precious materials.