How to choose the right bathroom sink on top

How to choose the right bathroom sink on top

June 30, 2020

Compared to the bathtub, the sink is not the most charming part of the bathroom, but it is still a vital part of the bathroom. When installing a sink, the two most common options are built-in or cabinet/wash basin installation. There is actually no rigid standard for the size of the sink, and it has any degree of freedom in design.

The two most common types of sinks are round or oval designs and rectangular or square. In terms of water level, round sinks are smaller and usually deeper, while rectangular bathroom sink on top have a larger overall size but shallower water depths.


How to measure the size of the sink?

The size of the sink is measured according to its type. If it is a circular sink, the length of the perimeter of the sink will be obtained. The rectangular or square sink will be measured by length and width. It is recommended to set aside 1-2 inches during installation, because you will have more operating space during installation.

What is the size of a common large sink?

The large sink is 34 inches long, 22 inches wide, and generally 12 inches deep.

What is the size of a common small sink?

Generally, small-sized sinks are usually designed to be round, although they still have a proper water depth, usually about 6-7 inches.
Small sinks are usually 15 inches wide, 9 inches long, and 5.75 inches deep.
At the larger end, the small sink can extend 18 inches wide and 10 inches long, with a water depth of 7 inches

bathroom sink on top

Sink material type:

Stone sink

From an aesthetic point of view, stone resin can be perfectly integrated with any bathtub space, in line with the size of conventional wash basins. Another benefit of this material is that it has excellent thermal insulation, which can make morning rinsing and shaving more enjoyable. The stone resin sink will also be a typical rectangular style, although it is also easy to find pools and more oval designs.

Copper sink

To make your bathroom space more rustic, the copper sink is more attractive in terms of size. Copper is a relatively expensive material, and its nature also means that your size will be limited. These sinks are mainly oval or basin-shaped, and the drop type is the most common style in this material, although there are also rectangular designs.

Granite sink

Another natural appearance of the bathroom is granite. Overall, this material is a bit expensive, which means that the available size variations or options are generally much more restricted than other materials, unless you want to customize the project.

Sink cabinet size

Sink base cabinets are another common type of sink in most bathrooms, although your size is ultimately limited by the average size of the base cabinets installed in the bathroom space. If you encounter problems when installing larger-size cabinets, it is usually recommended to seek professional help to solve the piping and space requirements.

How do you know which sink size to buy?

The size of the sink you decide depends on the size of the bathroom, the small sink in the small bathroom, the large sink in the large bathroom, etc. But the actual answer depends on the style of sink you want, whether you want a stand-alone receiver, or plug-in or mounted. If you want a separate sink, you will have more freedom in choosing a larger size.