How To Choose Three Large Bathroom Cabinets,Shower Room and Toilet?(1)

How To Choose Three Large Bathroom Cabinets,Shower Room and Toilet?(1)

February 03, 2020

The bathroom is a place that greatly affects the living experience. After all, the bathroom is used every day. If the bathroom design is not reasonable or the details of the toilet are not good, it will affect the quality of life. Therefore, in addition to the hard decoration of the bathroom, sanitary ware selection is also very important. Then, how to choose the three major pieces of bathroom, bathroom cabinet, shower room and toilet.

This article introduces how to choose a bathroom wash basin.

First, the bathroom cabinet selection
Bathroom cabinets should be selected from three aspects: material, basin and faucet.

The common materials of bathroom cabinets are six types: ordinary plate, pvc waterproof board, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, solid wood, brickwork.

Ordinary boards: Now bathroom cabinets are also popular and customized. They are usually ordered together with cabinets or wardrobes, but most of the custom types are plate bathroom cabinets, such as multilayer solid wood or solid wood particle boards. This material has poor moisture resistance.

PVC waterproof board bathroom cabinet: PVC waterproof board bathroom cabinet is relatively common, many major brands choose this material, and the cost is relatively low. This PVC waterproof board is based on high-molecular polymer, so you don't have to worry about moisture rot.

Aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet: Aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet can be moisture-proof, and at the same time can be simulated wood grain, is a good choice.

Stainless steel bathroom cabinet: Moisture-proof and mildew-resistant, durable, stainless steel surface can also be vacuum-electric color or film, there are many styles to choose from, the only disadvantage is that it is more expensive.

Solid wood bathroom cabinet: It looks very airy, but pay attention to moisture resistance. The best bathroom is wet and dry, and it is very ventilated. Otherwise, the solid wood bathroom cabinet will be relatively easy to get wet.

Brick bathroom cabinet: It is a relatively traditional method, which basically builds a frame, which can be matched with a customized plate door, a curtain, or even an open type.

Bathroom wash basin
Basins are generally divided into three types, namely, above counter basins, under counter basins, and integrated basins.

Above counter basin: There are a lot of good-looking styles on the counter basin, which are also more personalized to match, but the area where the counter basin is in contact with the countertop is a sanitary dead corner. Cleaning is more troublesome and needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise the location will be very Dirty.

Under counter basin: installed under the countertop, generally stick to the countertop from bottom to top. It is very convenient to clean. Our countertops must always have water. The under counter basin can easily keep the countertops clean. Generally, glass glue is applied between the countertop and the basin. The circle may become black after a long time, and you can use new glass glue to cover it.

One-piece basin: One-piece basin is usually bought with a bathroom cabinet. The bathroom cabinet is usually directly matched. The one-piece basin has no gaps and is very convenient for sanitation. However, when buying this type, pay attention to the depth of the basin and do not buy too shallow. Otherwise, water will easily spill out.

There are many styles of faucets, such as American-style faucets with a very curvy feel, or small fresh Japanese-style faucets. These can be matched with the decoration style of the home. The appearance of the faucet can be selected according to personal preference, but the choice of the faucet is more than just the appearance. It depends on the inside.

The faucet is recommended to use low-lead copper material to avoid heavy metals exceeding the standard to ensure the health of the family. The faucet is used very frequently and is used many times a day. It is recommended to choose a good one. The quality of the spool affects the water-saving effect of the faucet. It is recommended that you choose a ceramic spool. It is not only heat-resistant and wear-resistant, but also has a long service life, which can better prevent dripping and leakage. Secondly, an easy-to-use faucet is indispensable with a bubbler. A good faucet bubbler can ensure that water splashes do not splash, make the water flow soft and comfortable, and also effectively save water.

Bathroom cabinet mirror
If you want more storage space, install a mirror cabinet, which can realize the function of the mirror and increase the storage space, and the mirror is large enough to make it easy to illuminate. The mirror cabinet has relatively few shapes. If you want to look better and have more characteristics, you can choose various mirrors with arc shapes. When choosing a mirror, you must pay special attention to the height of the mirror. Generally speaking, it is most suitable for people to stand in front of the mirror with their heads in the middle of the mirror. Or too short.