How to maintain the wash basin on countertop?

How to maintain the wash basin on countertop?

September 30, 2020

one. How to maintain the wash basin on countertop of artificial stone countertop

You can wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth, and then wipe the countertop with a dry cloth to prevent the stains from penetrating into the countertop; for scratches, you can ask professional maintenance personnel to polish and polish, or you can use a special water sandpaper to polish; when there are cracks, generally Use stone glue first, and then sanding, always pay attention to maintenance. When placing items, handle with care, do not drag, and put on the heat insulation pad; keep the countertop clean at all times, wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth in time; use artificial stone countertops After three months, first wipe the surface clean with a rag, then wipe the countertop with a sponge dipped in floor wax, let it dry for five to ten minutes, and then perform a second waxing

How to maintain the quartz stone countertop of two.wash basin on countertop

Due to its high hardness and high density, quartz stone countertops are basically not easy to penetrate stains. Surface stains can be cleaned with a neutral detergent. The stains will generally be completely removed when using quartz stone countertops. If overheated utensils are placed for a long time, thermal expansion and contraction will cause changes in the internal molecules of the material. Over time, it will cause local yellowing of the countertop Loss of luster or cracks

three. wash basin on countertop how to maintain the marble countertop

To clean marble countertops, a cleaning agent with a neutral pH should generally be used to prevent the cleaning agent from corroding the countertop. Natural marble has pores and cracks, which are easy to accumulate stains. When maintaining, you can first seal the micropores of the stone with a permeable protective agent to prevent the entry of pollutants, and then use a surface protective agent to protect the color of the countertop