How To Quickly Remove Stubborn Stains on The Comfort Height Toilet

How To Quickly Remove Stubborn Stains on The Comfort Height Toilet

January 27, 2020

The comfort height toilet is available to every household, it provides us with convenience and hygiene, and it is particularly comfortable to use. However, after a long time use, a clean toilet will have some yellowing stains, which looks unacceptable and affects the mood of use. Once a yellow stain is formed on the toilet, the intensity is very strong, and it is particularly difficult to remove it. So, how to quickly and effectively remove the stubborn stains of the comfort height toilet?


Abandoned Soap Head
Soap may be indispensable in our daily life. These soap heads become very small after a long time, and it is difficult to use them to wash clothes. Then, we can put together the accumulation and use these soap heads to consolidate and clean the toilet. Put the collected waste soap into gauze or stockings, then put on gloves to scrub the inner wall of the toilet with it, it will have a strong decontamination effect, and it is time saving and convenient.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is also edible alkali. We need to sprinkle baking soda in the toilet, then pour boiling water. After soaking for half an hour, flush the toilet to remove the stains. If the stain is relatively thick, it is recommended that you use a toilet brush after soaking for half an hour, so that the dirt can also be removed.

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Bleaching Powder
In addition to baking soda, bleaching powder can also be used. The bleaching powder is relatively irritating, and it is also very effective for removing a stubborn stain. We need to wipe the bleach powder on the inner wall of the toilet, then brush it with the toilet brush, and finally rinse it with water. The bleaching powder has strong decontamination strength, so it can be directly operated without soaking.

Disinfectants are often available at home. We often use it to mop the floor or spray it to disinfect. It is also very suitable if you use it to clean the toilet, because it can remove bacteria on the inner wall of the toilet, and it can also remove dirt from the toilet. Before going to bed, pour the disinfectant into the toilet outlet and soak it overnight. Do not flush during this time. Rinse normally the next day, it will be particularly clean and bright.

In addition to disinfectant, we can also use waste. Usually we do n’t drink Cola or the remaining Sprite, soak it in the toilet for a while, so that it can corrode the stubborn stains in the toilet.

Cleaning the toilet may be a common problem in everyone's life, and it is particularly difficult to brush, so everyone only needs to use the above methods and tricks to clean up very labor-saving. In order to prevent toilet dirt from accumulating for a long time and difficult to clean, you can disinfect and clean it once a week. This is also for the health and comfort of the family.