May Day: Honors and Feasts for Laborers

May Day: Honors and Feasts for Laborers

April 30, 2024

May Day: Honors and Feasts for Laborers

As May Day approaches, countless workers will once again celebrate their own holiday. 
However, do you know the origin of this holiday and the deep historical meaning behind it? 

May Day, also known as International Labor Day and May Day, is a holiday shared by working people all over the world. It originated in the United States in the 1880s. At that time, the working class in the United States in the struggle for the eight-hour workday launched a large-scale strike and march, May 1, 1886, the United States workers held the history of the famous "Chicago Bloody May Day" march, for the workers to fight for the rights due to the right, but also to pay a terrible price. To commemorate this struggle, in July 1889, the Second International, led by Marxists, held a congress in Paris, France. The meeting decided to designate May 1 of each year as International Labor Day from 1890 onwards, in order to commemorate the workers who sacrificed their lives in the fight for the eight-hour workday, and to encourage workers all over the world to unite and fight for the protection of their rights and interests. 

Since then, May Day has become a holiday for workers all over the world, and every year on this day, workers hold various activities to celebrate their own holiday, and at the same time remind the whole society to respect and cherish workers in this way. 

In China, May Day has been designated as a legal holiday since 1949, and on December 2 of the same year, the First National People's Congress passed a decision to designate May 1 of each year from 1950 onwards as Labor Day. On every May Day, colorful celebrations are held throughout the country. In addition, the government also recognizes a number of advanced individuals and collectives with outstanding performance in their work on this day, as a way to express its respect and gratitude to the vast number of workers across the country. 

Nowadays, May Day is not only a holiday, but also a spirit, a kind of respect and praise for the hard work of workers. Let's pay tribute to the workers all over the world on this holiday, let's remember the history behind this holiday, love labor, respect labor, and cherish the fruits of our labor even more. May Day, the festival of workers, is also the festival of every person who loves life and labor. 

Let's celebrate together, pay tribute to the hard workers, and celebrate our beautiful life!