Precautions for purchasing washbasins

Precautions for purchasing washbasins

December 07, 2021


1. The first thing to pay attention to is the size problem. We first need to calculate the size of our bathroom, and then figure out the positions of the shower, toilet, shelf, etc., and the rest of the position is reserved for the sink.

2. The shape of the sink is also worth noting. We can see in the building materials market that most of the sinks are square or round in shape. Of course, round sinks are more beautiful, but water stains may occur during use. Spit out; and although the square sink is not as beautiful as the round one, it uses space more practically.

3. There are also a lot of attention to the selection of styles. Many people choose a separate sink instead of a combined sink for the sake of beauty. But when we choose, it’s best to choose a cabinet and a towel rack, because we will put a lot of things on the sink, such as: towels, soap, cleansing milk, shower gel, etc. The individual type is beautiful but practical. It's not high.

4. We must also be very cautious in the selection of washbasin parts, including: faucets, sewer parts, corner pieces, etc. If we don't choose better quality hardware accessories, they will soon be corroded when the bathroom is wet all the year round.

5. Brand selection is also very important. Although branded sinks are not necessarily good, non-branded ones may have bigger problems. Therefore, when purchasing, we can consult a few more well-known wash basin manufacturers, and after comprehensive comparison of price, practicability, appearance, etc., we can select the most suitable wash basin for our bathroom.