Promotion in April

Promotion in April

March 28, 2020

OVS-2184 one piece toilet promotion, email us for 20% OFF.

Side Flushing: It is easier to flush a side lever than to reach up to push a button on top of the tank, meets the habit of Americans.

Easy Installation: Easy installation soft close PP seat cover, very convenient to replace.

Quality Glaze, Thick Glaze: Good quality glaze, Thick glaze, Smooth glaze, more durable, hard to contamination, convenient to clean.

Elongated Bowl: The elongated bowl provides a more comfortable seat.

ADA Hight: Comfort height (16-1/2) toilets make it easier to sit down and stand up (for example people with physical disabilities, old, tall, overweight, bad knees etc.)

Excellent Flushing: 1.28G (4.8L) per flush: better flushing function MAP 1000gram.

We provide bathroom toilet products. If you are interested in bathroom toilet, please contact us for more information.