Selection Guide for Sink

Selection Guide for Sink

July 23, 2021

Selection Guide for Sink
The depth of the sink depends on the cabinet space
The groove depth of the sink is also an important factor related to its price. The deeper the groove, the higher the cost, but consumers should also pay attention to the space of the cabinet when buying. In addition, the larger the space inside the sink, the higher its utilization rate, and the practicality of such a sink is better.

The production process is also about the price
What kind of crafts are used on the surface of the sink, such as wire drawing, polishing, pearl silver, etc., the price will vary accordingly. The sink made by the polishing process has relatively poor wear resistance; the brushed product performs much better in this respect. Pearl silver sinks seem to be of higher grade, but the craftsmanship is not easy to distinguish. For example, the actual performance of products with only a silver coating on the surface is not as good as ordinary stainless steel sinks. The flatness and smoothness of the surface of the sink are the established factors for choosing a good sink. Choose a flat and smooth one. If the surface is warped or has bumps, don't choose it.

Use magnets for inspection
Although magnets cannot determine the quality of stainless steel products, non-magnetic ones cannot be determined as good stainless steels, but magnetic ones must not be good ones.

Small accessories matter
Another very key factor in choosing a sink is the accessories. The quality of the accessories is directly related to the cost of future maintenance. The sealing degree and corrosion resistance of the sewer pipe are the main factors that determine whether there will be water leakage in the future; whether the sewer has steel ball positioning, Squeeze seals, table-controlled dewatering (that is, there is a knob on the countertop of the sink to control the sealing or draining device), the overflow device, the muffler series device, etc. are all standards for measuring the quality of the accessories. When consumers choose All need special attention.

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