Several types of bathroom lavatory sink have their own advantages and disadvantages

Several types of bathroom lavatory sink have their own advantages and disadvantages

January 15, 2021

Bathroom lavatory sink can be said to be a must-have household item for every household. On the one hand, it is for daily use needs, on the other hand, it is also the pursuit of life aesthetics. Generally speaking, the bathroom lavatory sink is divided into three types: above counter basin, under counter basin and pedestal basin. Everyone has different aesthetics, so naturally they also like different types. How to choose a bathroom lavatory sink? Which kind of bathroom lavatory sink is better? Come and see what the master said!

Above counter basin

Above-counter basins are currently a popular type of bathroom lavatory sink. Intuitively, above-counter basins are bathroom lavatory sinks with the edge raised above the countertop and installed on the sink. The basin protrudes from the countertop. The main advantage of the above counter basin is that it is beautiful, the decorative effect is obvious, and it gives a very comfortable and beautiful feeling. After the installation is complete, the bathroom lavatory sink is matched with the sanitary products, which looks high-end, elegant and creative. Secondly, the installation of the above counter basin is relatively simple, concise and generous, and it is more convenient to use. In addition, the above counter basin has obvious shortcomings. It is easy to have dead spots in hygiene and is not easy to clean.

Counter Basin

The undercounter basin, as its name implies, is the bathroom lavatory sink embedded under the countertop, which is in sharp contrast with the above counter basin. Therefore, it can be said that the advantages and disadvantages of the under-counter basin are just the opposite of those of the above-counter basin. The under-counter basin is easier to clean, easy to clean and hygienic, and the sanitary corners can also be seen clearly. But the disadvantage of the under-counter basin is that the construction is more difficult, and the bearing capacity is not as good as that of the over-counter basin. It is troublesome to install. If it is not professional enough, it is most likely to be damaged during the installation process. In addition, it should be noted that the size of the opening of the under-counter basin needs to be carefully considered, and the position needs to be very precise, otherwise there may be "water overflowing golden mountains".

Pedestal Basin

The pedestal basin is a bathroom lavatory sink supported by a pillar below. It used to be a relatively common type, but nowadays, basically few people use this kind of bathroom lavatory sink. There are many shortcomings of the pedestal basin. After all, it simply relies on a column to bear the weight. During use, the entire bathroom lavatory sink may even shake and be very unstable. But the pedestal basin also has unique advantages. It can block the messy sewer pipes, and is easy to install, and takes up almost no space. Therefore, in general, the pedestal basin is more suitable for single apartments or small apartment bathrooms.

One basin

In addition, there is also a special "one-piece basin", which actually looks like an under-counter basin, but the only difference is that the one-piece basin is connected to the cabinet under the counter and cannot be divided. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of bathroom lavatory sink are not much different from the undercounter basin, but in terms of storage and storage, the integrated basin is better than a simple undercounter basin, which can save space to the greatest extent and play a beautiful decoration. The effect can also be placed in bathroom products.

In general, different bathroom lavatory sinks have different advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a suitable bathroom lavatory sink will make furniture life more comfortable. The key is to look at personal preferences and aesthetics. I wonder if everyone has the answer in their hearts? Which bathroom lavatory sink would you choose?