The choice and skills of the basin, the bathroom wash basin should choose an over-counter basin or an under-counter basin?

The choice and skills of the basin, the bathroom wash basin should choose an over-counter basin or an under-counter basin?

October 27, 2021

Bathroom wash basin

Ceramic wash basin is a must-have sanitary ware at home, and you can't choose it at will. How to choose ceramic wash basin? First, introduce the general classification of basins.

Pedestal Basin

It is suitable for small bathroom, balcony or outdoor courtyard.

Above counter basin

It is suitable for bathroom areas such as large and medium-sized apartments, villas, hotels, restaurants, etc. The shapes of the above counter basins are changeable, which can adapt to various decoration styles, and they can be matched to a higher grade. When purchasing, choose the color and shape according to your own preferences.

Counter Basin

It is more suitable for small and medium-sized apartments, toilets in public places, and tooling. The depth of the under-counter basin should be 18-21 cm. It should not be too deep, and the water will not splash out easily. The marble countertop needs to be opened according to the size of the basin.

Semi-recessed washbasin

Gather the advantages of above counter basin and under counter basin, it is mostly used in hotels, public toilets, and rarely used in home decoration.

Wall-hung basin

This basin should be installed on the load-bearing wall, and the partition cannot be installed without force. It is mostly used in small-sized bathrooms or other areas with small spaces.

One-piece basin

There is also a one-piece basin, which takes into account the functions of the countertop and the countertop. Its advantage is that it is half the price of using the marble countertop, and it is sold as a complete set of bathroom cabinets.

Secondly, what are the materials of the bathroom basin? What kind is good?

Ceramic basin

Its material is made of porcelain clay and other materials fired at high temperature. The advantage of ceramic basin is that it is versatile in style, suitable for all kinds of spaces, easy to clean, and affordable. The disadvantage is that the strength is poor and there is a risk of breaking.

Stainless steel basin

It is made of stainless steel forging. The stainless steel basin has a single shape, and some are made of large size, which is not suitable for household use.

Glass basin

Made of tempered glass, usually above counter basins, with various colors, textures, and styles, and very beautiful.
Its advantages are diverse styles, meeting people's individual needs, easy cleaning, and strong anti-fouling ability. The disadvantage is that it is quite expensive and can't be used by most people, and it is weak and fragile.