Things to pay attention to when choosing the right toilet

Things to pay attention to when choosing the right toilet

May 15, 2021

The toilet is the most important sanitary ware in the bathroom decoration layout. Its quality is related to the convenience and comfort of the later check-in life, so some details cannot be ignored when choosing a toilet.


Toilets are divided into ordinary toilets and smart toilets. Let me talk about the ordinary toilet first. The toilet body is generally made of ceramic. Whether the toilet is clean depends mainly on the glass surface. If the glaze is not clean, it will also cause the stain to be washed away, which takes a long time. The inside of the toilet will turn yellow. When choosing a toilet, check whether the glaze is intact, including the inside of the corner tank. Some toilet tanks do not have glass. Over time, the water will leak out and produce peculiar smells. If water seeps for a long time, it is easy to freeze in winter. Must be cracked.

When choosing a toilet, also pay attention to the amount of flushing. The flush toilet has better impulse. The siphon is weak, but it can also be flushed. For example, some toilet paper can be washed away directly. The flush toilet has many disadvantages. For example, if the noise is loud, it is easy to deodorize. Therefore, fewer and fewer people choose to flush the toilet. If the toilet hose is displaced, choose a large impulse to prevent clogging, and then you can choose a flush toilet. bathroom. If it is not the best choice for replacement, a siphon toilet is the best choice.