Wall mounted intelligent toilet function display

Wall mounted intelligent toilet function display

June 09, 2023

Wall mounted toilet has a self-cleaning glazed surface, foot touch switch, and strong flushing function.

Wall-mounted intelligent toilets typically come with a range of advanced functions, such as:

1. Bidet functionality: These toilets include a built-in bidet system that can clean and dry your bottom with warm water.

2. Self-cleaning technology: Some models have features that allow the bowl to clean itself after use, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and manual scrubbing.

3. Heated seat: With a wall-mounted intelligent toilet, you can enjoy a heated seat that warms up quickly, providing added comfort during cold winter months.

4. Remote control: Most models come with remote control for easy accessibility of the various functions and settings.

5. Water-saving technology: Wall mounted intelligent toilet use less water than traditional toilets, helping to conserve water and save on your water bill.

6. Automatic flush: Wall-mounted intelligent toilets feature an automatic flush function that flushes the bowl after use, reducing the spread of germs.

7. Night light: A night light is usually included in these advanced toilets, so you can see your way in the dark when you enter your bathroom at night.