What material is good for bathroom sink for vanity

What material is good for bathroom sink for vanity

December 21, 2020

bathroom sink for vanity materials generally need to choose materials that are not afraid of water, hard texture, and good decorative effects to make countertops. The materials that can achieve this stage mentioned above include marble, granite, artificial stone, etc. Wait for these materials. Because the texture of different materials is also different, the relevant decorative effects and prices vary greatly, so consumers should choose according to their own preferences and needs.

Here are some materials suitable for absorption basin countertops:

1. Granite countertops. Generally speaking, granite countertops have other color classifications, such as five lotus, malachite green, snow white and blue star. The texture of granite is generally hard, so the price will be cheaper. , Relatively speaking, the decorative effect is relatively poor compared to other materials.

2. Marble countertops are generally classified as beige stone, brown mesh, large green, large white and Norwegian red, etc., but marble is more brittle and difficult to process, so the price is relatively high, but its The pattern decoration is very gorgeous, very suitable for decoration.

3. Artificial stone (natural synthetic resin) countertop: This is a new type of composite material, which can generally be imitated into natural stone with various textures and patterns. In addition, because the on-site processing is very strict, it is very hard, and there is no radiation, and it is harmless to the human body, so using artificial stone to make the Vanity top bathroom sink is the direction of future development.