What to pay attention to when buying a toilet bowl

What to pay attention to when buying a toilet bowl

July 01, 2021

E-commerce, physical stores, but we first go to the physical store to see, because many times the toilet bowl needs to be personally understood, such as touching, sitting, looking, etc., it is still more expensive than the price, especially the physical store is more expensive than the e-commerce.

The main technology of the toilet bowl is ceramic and drainage, and then there is a beautiful industrial design. , And see if it is glazed inside, and whether it is as smooth as others. Inferior quality toilet bowl drain pipes are not evenly glazed or even glazed. Looking at drainage, the mainstream drainage methods in the market now include flushing and rainbow. The potential energy water brought by the height difference of the water tank is drained by the air pressure outside the pipe. The siphon type is already the mainstream in the market, because the flush is cleaner and the noise is lower.

Will it appear that this ceramic is less likely to hang and poop? It is relative. The firing temperature of high-quality ceramics is increased, the water rate model, the degree of magnetization is increased, and the surface is not easy to be fouled.

Does the toilet bowl water weight matter? The mainstream toilets now have two flushing volumes corresponding to 3L/6L, and some have a water-saving capacity of 3L/4.8L, or even 3.8L with a single button. But if you calculate carefully, you save 1L of water every time you flush, 20L a day, and a simple 8 tons of water once a year. However, if water-saving children are more expensive, but the water-saving toilet bowl can prove that it can be flushed with the least amount of water, indicating that its drainage technology is very confident.