Why choose the elongated toilet design

Why choose the elongated toilet design

April 30, 2020

The difference between a round and a slender toilet is the size of the two designs. A typical round toilet will only extend approximately 28 inches from the wall. On the other hand, a slender bowl may extend up to 31 inches. The advantages of the extended bowl make it the best choice for homeowners to have more room for expansion when conducting business.

The traditional toilet has a round toilet. However, over the years, slender toilet shapes have become more and more popular, and many homeowners prefer this toilet seat to the traditional circular design. The following are the main reasons why you should choose a slender bowl design:

Most people think that the extended toilet seat is more comfortable than the round seat. The extended seat provides more support, which is especially important for the elderly or other people with limited mobility, which may make it difficult to sit on a traditional toilet seat.

Modern look
Before the elongated toilet was available, a round toilet appeared. This makes many people feel that the round bowl looks old-fashioned. It is generally considered that the slim toilet bowl looks more modern and contributes to the overall design of the bathroom with a modern feel.

Reduce the chance of clogging
The incidence of toilet blockages in extended toilets is usually low. This is because slender bowls tend to be larger and contain more water. This means that they will generate a stronger flushing force, thus more effectively removing the trash in the bowl and pushing the water into the pipes, thus avoiding clogging and accumulation.

Easy to clean
The longer space of the extended toilet makes it easier to clean than the circular model. In smaller round toilets, it is difficult to effectively remove all deposits. It is easier to make the toilet cleaner down into the wider cavity at the bottom of the elongated toilet.

Easy to use
As we all know, men especially like slender seats because they make the task of aligning the bowl easier. The extended bowl is more spacious, reducing the chance of men getting dirty in their seats when urinating.