Know More About the Farmhouse Sink

Know More About the Farmhouse Sink

August 25, 2021

A farmhouse sink is a deep kitchen sink.
Someone say an apron sink and a farmhouse sink are exactly the same?Well, they're not!
Our experts will cover the differences between this apron sink and farmhouse sink review.


Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse sinks fit the farmhouse aesthetic: rustic, country, comfortable. Here are the differences between a farmhouse sink and a apron sink!


What is the farmhouse kitchen sink signature design feature? DEEP! A deep drop in farmhouse sink can fit all your cleaning needs. You can wash everything from your dishes to a little laundry. Your kid's clothes, perhaps?
And because these kitchen sinks fit the farmhouse style, it has more rounded corners and softer edges. So if you're in the market for a rustic, country home style, farmhouse sinks might fit your kitchen perfectly.



The best farmhouse sinks are most commonly made of fireclay or porcelain. The porcelain farmhouse sinks are made of clay, which is heated to an extremely high temperature that makes the sink hard and durable. It also gives the sink its beautiful high shine and materials that resist stains from food to dirt.


The most basic style of a farmhouse sink is the white farmhouse sink. And now the manufacturer also produce the black farmhouse sink to fit your changeful style.
Besides the color, you also can buy a double farmhouse sink so you can clean different things in one time. Or you can buy a farmhouse sink with drainboard and farmhouse sink with faucet to make your cleaning easier and more convenient.



There are plenty of ways to install these farmhouse sinks, you can choose a top mount farmhouse sink or a undermount farmhouse sink. So it's an excellent choice if you're setting up your kitchen yourself.

Farmhouse Sink Advantages

Farmhouse sinks look cozy, so it fits more relaxed, laid-back interiors. If your kitchen design is pastel or comes in shades of natural browns and beiges, a porcelain farmhouse sink of this style will suit it well.