What are the advantages of a wall hung toilet?

What are the advantages of a wall hung toilet?

March 02, 2023

While the modern look of the floating toilet complements a stylish washroom, there are plenty of benefits to the update.

It is easy to visually recognize the advantages of suspended furniture; Nobody misses that they are visually lighter. They have "minimal" shapes that adapt perfectly to modern and contemporary interiors.Beyond design, they also provide us with functional advantages that we also analyze.

Wall hung Toilets Save Space.
The slim water tank in the wall replaces a ceramic tank that can take up to an additional 10” to 12” of floor space behind the toilet bowl. Many building codes require a minimum 21” floor area in front of the toilet and the tank removal would allow even more comfortable space.
Wall hung toilet have more elegant proportions. 
By dispensing with the support on the ground and having the cistern hidden, the wall-hung toilets have a cleaner geometry and more elegant proportions than traditional toilets.

Wall hang toilet allow a better cleaning bathroom.
Wall-mounted toilets offer the same quality connections and installation features, in a different, cleaner location by hiding the connections against the wall. 

Wall-mounted Toilets Are ADA Compliant.
The lower seat height recommended by ADA standards makes it more accessible to those with mobility limitations. For commercial installations or for home use, floating toilets can be installed between 15” and 19” above the floor. It must be done at the time of installation and cannot be changed without removing the wall. 

Wall mount Toilets Are WaterSense Certified.
Many models of wall-mounted toilets are built to meet the water-saving standards of the EPA’s WaterSense specifications. Each flush uses under 2 gallons of water per flush. Some also qualify for the California Green Building standards.
Wall toilet can be installed to different heights according to your needs.
It is possible to find them in different sizes, the smallest models with small cisterns being the most appropriate for small bathrooms and toilets.