What is the difference between a wash basin counter top and an under basin in a bathroom?

What is the difference between a wash basin counter top and an under basin in a bathroom?

March 28, 2020

The toilet is an area where water is concentrated, which is mainly reflected in the two places of the sink and the shower. Wash basins are used every day, so the design of the wash basin is very important. Bathroom wash basins can be divided into over counter basins and under counter basins, but the difference between the two is quite large. So, what's the difference between the wash basin and under counter basin in the bathroom, and how to choose?


What is a wash basin

Wash basins, also known as wash basins, are used to wash the hands and wash the face of the family bathroom. There are above counter basins, under counter basins, upright basins, integrated basins, and so on.

Wash basin counter top is the basin design is placed above the countertop, which is the earliest traditional design method. The countertop basin has a beautiful appearance, more choices, round, square and other forms, and has a good decorative effect.

The shape is also more diverse and has a high face value;
Can be applied to any countertop material;
Easy to make and install.

Not easy to clean, can not wipe the water on the countertop into the wash basin;
There are many dead spots in sanitation, which is more troublesome in later cleaning.

wash basin counter top

The under counter wash basin is a washbasin. The basin is installed below the countertop. In this way, the design form is optimized by the above countertop basin. The main reason is that it is convenient to clean up the countertop.

Creates a seamless, clean look;
Can wipe the water on the countertop into the basin without obstruction and easy to clean;
High value, currently more popular trend.

The under counter basin can only be used under a solid countertop (such as stone);
Compared with the above counter basin, the installation method is slightly more cumbersome;
Over time, the glass glue between the countertop and the basin surface is prone to blackening;
Over time, the washbasin runs the risk of falling off.

under counter wash basin

The difference between under counter basin and under counter basin

Price difference
In terms of price, the price of the under counter basin is much cheaper than the over counter basin. Because the style design of the under counter basin is limited by conditions, it has not been able to achieve a breakthrough, so the price has been very stable. The styles of the above counter basins are varied, and the price difference is also very large. The overall price is higher than the under counter basins.

Durable difference
The countertop basin is fixed on the countertop, so the firmness is very strong, which improves the durability. The under counter basin is fixed under the hard material and is bonded by various glues. Over time, the phenomenon of drop may occur and the durability is average.

Aesthetic difference
From the perspective of aesthetics, there is no doubt that the above counter basin is beautiful, because there are many styles of counter basins, and the options are very large, which can be matched with many styles. The style of the under counter basin is very limited, and its aesthetic effect is mainly derived from the integrity of the bathroom cabinet, and the beauty of the single basin is inferior to the counter basin.

Sanitary difference
For the cleaning and sanitation of wash basins, the advantages of under counter basins can be brought into full play. Under counter basins are very convenient for cleaning up basins, which is the biggest advantage of under counter basins. There is a dead corner in the basin, so cleaning is not easy.

Installation differences
The above counter basin is easy to install and generalizes the technical requirements for installation. The under counter basin has high requirements on the installation process, the installation process is difficult, and the construction is troublesome.

How to choose a bathroom sink

The selection of wash basins must be comprehensive and comprehensive, and only in this way can it be economical and beautiful. How do you choose a wash basin?

Select by surface layer
Regardless of whether it is an over counter basin or an under counter basin, glazed ceramics are recommended for wash basins. When choosing wash basins, the appearance is very translucent, smooth, and stain-free. This is a high-quality ceramic. For the cabinet, it is also necessary to check whether the surface is flat, whether there are scratches, whether there are sharp corners, etc., to check carefully to ensure that the surface is complete.

Choose by material
Wash basins are usually combined. There are upper cabinets, counter basins, and lower cabinets. When choosing the upper and lower cabinets, pay attention to the quality of the materials.

Select based on live tapping
Usually a good quality hand basin is lightly tapped on it by hand, it will make a clear and loud tapping sound. If the sound of the knock is very dull, it is of average quality.

Choose according to space size
For the wet and dry design of the bathroom, the wash basin is designed separately, so when choosing a wash basin, it is necessary to refer to the bathroom space. If the wash basin area is large, the design of the under counter basin is great, otherwise the effect is average. Above counter basins are a good choice for small wash basin locations.

Choose according to personal preference
It is important to like your own home. No matter how others suggest it, it is always a suggestion. It is very important that you like it.