Under-mount bathroom sink

Under-mount bathroom sink

What is Undermount Bathroom Sink?

An under-mount bathroom sink, as the name suggests, is a sink that is mounted underneath a countertop in the bathroom. Drop-in sinks are mounted to the top of the counter top. 

The “hidden” edge of the best undermount bathroom sink has an attractive, streamlined appearance, and the lack of crevice or a lip makes the edges less likely to catch dirt. 

Popular materials for white undermount bathroom sink include ceramic, porcelain and cast iron, and they can come in rectangular undermount bathroom sink and oval undermount bathroom sink. 

Porcelain undermount bathroom sinks are recommended for granite, solid surface and quartz countertops, but may not be as effective with laminate. They can be more expensive than drop-in sinks. 

What is the Standard Size Undermount Bathroom Sink?

The standard size of an undermount bathroom sink can vary depending on the manufacturer and style, but the most common size is typically between 16 to 20 inches in length and 12 to 15 inches in width. The depth of the sink bowl can also vary, but a typical range is between 5 to 8 inches.

It's important to note that the size of the sink should be chosen based on the size of the vanity or countertop it will be installed in. The sink should fit comfortably within the cutout opening and allow for the proper installation of the faucet and drain.

When selecting an undermount bathroom sink, consider factors such as the material (such as porcelain, ceramic, or glass), shape (such as oval, round, or rectangular), and style (such as traditional or modern). By taking these factors into account, you can find a sink that fits both your needs and personal style.

Are Undermount Bathroom Sinks Hard to Clean?

Undermount bathroom sinks can be both easy and challenging to clean, depending on a few factors.

One of the advantages of an undermount sink is that it doesn't have an exposed rim or edge that can collect dirt and grime, making it easier to wipe down and keep clean. The fact that the sink is mounted underneath the countertop also means that there are no visible seams or caulk lines to clean around.

However, the installation of an undermount sink can make it slightly more challenging to clean. Because the sink is mounted beneath the countertop, it can be more difficult to reach all areas of the sink bowl. This may require more effort and a bit of contortion to clean hard-to-reach areas.

In addition, the type of material used for the sink can also affect its ease of cleaning. For example, porcelain or ceramic sinks tend to be more stain-resistant and easy to clean, while stainless steel sinks may show water spots and fingerprints more easily.

Overall, undermount bathroom sinks can be a great choice for their sleek and modern appearance, and they can be relatively easy to clean with the right techniques and tools. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help keep your undermount sink looking its best.