Two piece toilet

Two piece toilet

Why Choose OVS - Toilet Manufacturer?

A two piece toilet is made up of two separate units, toilet tank and toilet bowl, which are then joined.

Our american standard two piece toilet is the best two piece elongated toilet.

The main advantage of our two piece design is you can replace the toilet tank and toilet bowl separately. If the toilet tank is broken, you will need to replace the tank, likewise for the toilet bowl.

Our two piece toilet delivers powerful, clean swirl-style flushing in a sleek skirted design. Our most complete flush ever, swirl flushing technology keeps the toilet bowl cleaner longer than a conventional flush. Installation is easy. The skirted trapway installs to the floor flange and attaches to the toilet, eliminating the need to drill holes while offering the same secure installation as non-skirted toilets. This american standard two piece toilet brings you annual water savings.

What is Standard Two Piece Toilet?

A standard two-piece toilet is a type of toilet that consists of two separate pieces: a bowl and a tank. The tank sits on top of the bowl and is connected to it by bolts and a gasket. The toilet is designed to flush waste and water from the bowl into the sewer or septic system.

The tank of a standard two-piece toilet typically contains the flushing mechanism, which may be a gravity-fed system or a pressure-assisted system. The bowl is designed to hold water and waste until the toilet is flushed, at which point the water and waste are pushed into the sewer or septic system.

Standard two-piece toilets are commonly used in homes, apartments, and other residential settings, as well as in commercial buildings, such as offices, restaurants, and retail stores. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, and can be customized with different toilet seats and accessories.

What Are the Advantages of Standard Two-Piece Toilet?

●Cost-effective: Two-piece toilets are usually less expensive than one-piece or wall-mounted toilets, making them a cost-effective option for homeowners who are on a budget.

●Easy to install: Two-piece toilets are relatively easy to install, even for those who are not experienced with plumbing. They typically come with all the necessary components and instructions, so you can install them quickly and easily.

●Easy to maintain: Two-piece toilets are easy to maintain because you can easily access the tank and bowl separately. This makes it easier to clean the toilet thoroughly and make any necessary repairs.

●Availability: Two-piece toilets are widely available at home improvement stores and online retailers, making it easy to find a toilet that meets your needs.

●Compatibility: Two-piece toilets are compatible with a wide range of toilet seats, so you can choose a seat that is comfortable and matches your bathroom decor.