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A one piece toilet is a style of toilet where the tank or cistern is connected directly to the bowl, so it is one full unit.
Why should choose one piece toilet? What is a best one piece toilet?
Let’s learn about it.


· Great aesthetics. Good match for a contemporary bathroom design in every modern home.
· Easy to clean and up keep. More hygienic with no joining parts for dirt and bacteria to hide.
· No worry of water leaking out of the tank and flooding the floor.
· More durable due to no joining part to maintain.
· More compact in size. A space saving toilet for small bathrooms.


· one piece dual flush toilet
· one piece elongated toilet
· one piece skirted toilet
· one piece comfort height toilet
· one piece round toilet
· one piece american standard toilet

The one piece toilet is better in appearance; it has a modern feel.
The one piece toilet is easier to clean because there is no gaps or joint between the toilet tank and the bowl. And its a lot more hygienic since there is no place for dirt and grime to gather. Most people choose one piece design mainly for this reason.

Once you get the one piece toilet into position, the installation is almost done. The rest of the work is easy, like connecting the water supply, mounting the seat, and caulking. So in this regard, the one piece toilet is easy to install.


Since the one piece toilet is one large piece of porcelain, there are no joining parts to upkeep. From an engineering point of view, the lesser parts or connectivity, the more reliable it will be.

Hence, upkeeping a one-piece toilet is super easy. There is no worry of water leaking out of the tank to mess up your bathroom floor.

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