Bathroom Products

Bathroom Products

Bathroom Toilet

OVS offers one piece toilet, standard two piece toilet, wall hung toilet, and under mounted toilet. The one piece toilet is a sanitary ware where the tank or cistern is connected directly to the bowl, so it is a singular unit. The two piece toilet means the toilet tank and toilet bowl are separate pieces and connected with the bolts and gaskets during the installation. The wall hung toilet, also known as wall mounted toilet, requires the toilet tank installed within the wall behind the toilet.

Bathroom Wash Basin

Counter top wash hand basin and vanity basin are provided from OVS. They separately are subject to the category of matt color wash basin and glossy white wash basin. In the category of glossy white wash basin, they have a glossy and even surface, which makes your cleaning job easier. In the category of matt color wash basin, this basin wash type is a type of modern bathroom basin. There are various shapes of washbasin are offered in OVS such as round, square, etc. The wash basin design is compatible with all styles of home decorating projects.

Bathroom Wash Sink

Two types of affordable bathroom sinks are available in OVS. The first one is vanity top bathroom sinks. It is the modern bathroom sink that offers perfect functions and a great design for your bathroom. When you take the time to pick out the perfect bathroom vanity top with a sink that fits your unique tastes and style, it can turn a simple bathroom into an oasis you can enjoy for years to come. The second one is the pedestal bathroom sink. The pedestal sink consists of an upper basin and a lower shaft (pedestal).

Bathroom Water Faucet & Bathroom Shower Faucets

In this category, OVS offers bathroom water faucet and bathroom shower faucets. One-handle bathroom faucet and two-handle bathroom faucet are available in OVS. There are two popular bathroom faucets in most projects. All bathroom shower faucets are pressure balancing valves. The pressure balancing valve is one of the most widely used in bathroom furniture, which provides water at a nearly constant temperature to a shower or bathtub, regardless of the fluctuating water supplying lines.

Bathroom Sink Drain

All sinks have a drain to allow water from the faucet to flow out of the sink basin. OVS offers a brass bathroom sink drain and stainless steel bathroom sink drain.